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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Eau d' internet dancing

Of all the things the internet has wrought, surely the most useful and democratizing has been the widespread availability of tiny quicktime videos of strangers and celebrities dancing like epileptic beavers. We at Dancing With Myself, of course, could not be more pleased with this phenomenon, wherein everyone from Ruth Bader Ginsburg to yr porn star neighbor shoots shaky digital footage of themselves dropping it all hot-like in their rec room kitchenette and then uploads it to their computer. The wealth of "My Humps" interpretations alone proves unequivocally that dance is alive and well in 21st century America, and grants a much deserved but long-denied legitimacy to the fine art of shimmying like a drunk-ass fool, in all its many forms and manifestations.

To those unsure where to begin their tour, I suggest my top three:

1. Assignment #25 of Learning to Love You More is the Fort Knox of internet dance footage. Sample at yr own risk, you may be blinded by the omnipresent sheen of bullion, dubloons, etc. Especially watchable are the videos by Elisa Harkins and Chelsey K. (Harkins gets Pogo points for filming hers in public, Chelsey for using a cake).

2. Melissa Auf der Maur's blog, in addition to Melissa's ace photography, has a holy grail clip of MAdM dancing in her socks to the Aries song from Harvey Sid Fisher's Astrology Songs album. Not. To be. Missed. Scroll down on the main page until you see "Aries, starting a new...dance!" on the lefthand sidebar. Windows Media works best for all you PC-types.

3. Whatevs else can be said about OkGo, their video for "A Million Ways" is four adult men doing a synchronized dance routine inclusive of the Marilyn Monroe faux-stripper move from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. And that is kettle corn enough for me.


Anonymous said...

...And why did you find this? Were you specifically looking for it? Huh?

-Anon lives

Anonymous said...

What is this weird "word identification" psychological test I must be subjected to? Why doesn't my comment show up on the original post?

-Anon lies

Lizzie said...

Dear Anon,

The word verification function ensures that only individual humans can comment on a blog, and that the comments section will not be exploited by a mass-commenting spam program for the sake of such gems as, "Great blog! Check out mine about home mortgage refinancing!" This function is commonly used by online merchants and others. Yr psychological health is not on trial.

femme feral said...

I like that okgo video too. so much better than the typical music video these days.

I'm trying to figure out a method of divination based on the word verifications; I'm convinced they're little cryptic fortunes.