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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Expressway to yr sub-corporate distributor

Am I supposed to be squiffed that Ecstatic Peace is teaming with Universal? Because the sadness is there, and a twinge in my heart—the “this is so not what Ian MacKaye would do” indie bereavement-cum-indignation. But in the end, I am calling this an un-betraying non-issue, because the Thurston says he’s being cautious, and I trust that. SY did this little thing in 1990 called sign to a major label, and they somehow weathered the morph without turning into the J. Geils band. It was a harrowing time, for totes, but we all survived in one piece, and later there was Murray Street, and Sonic Nurse...right? Right? Ignore the twinge. It'll be fine.

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