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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Röhm if you want to/ Röhm around the world

Anonymous wrote in to say re: my last post that "...your sentence, 'there are a lot of horribly racist queer people in the world'...needs to be clarified with a 'this is ernst and this is what he did' clause." An earlier anonymous poster also wrote, "Ernst Röhm was gay, but not 'openly' so."

So: this is Ernst, and this is what he did. And here is why I think you could argue that he was "open":

Unlike others in the Nazi Party, Rohm was openly homosexual, admitting to associates that he was "far from unhappy" about his sexual orientation. He frequented gay bars, belonged to a homosexual organization called the League for Human Rights, and publicly advocated the repeal of Paragraph 175. An anonymous 1932 article called "National Socialism and Inversion" has been credited to Rohm's influence (or even authorship); the article stated that if Nazi Party members performed their official duties well, they were entitled to private lives of "creative eroticism" and "loving homosexual relationship[s]."

Rohm established a kind of gay network within the S.A., assigning prominent posts to gay friends and lovers. Among Rohm's "sweethearts" was Edmund Heines, whom Rohm appointed first as his deputy and later as leader of the Munich branch of the S.A. Another of Rohm's favorites was Karl Ernst, who was nicknamed "Frau Rohrbein" for his intimate friendship with Paul Rohrbein, Berlin's S.A. commander...Rohm and his close-knit circle [were] dubbed in a Munich paper the "Brotherhood of Poofs"...

As for the rest of the comments, I am going to let the hate mail pile up a bit more before responding.

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