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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We have got to take cover, brother

Keep yr eyes on Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe's twinsploitation flick Brothers of the Head--with any luck it'll have blown up by September. The film's original music sounds less 1975 (as it aims to) than it does like the Libertines reunion record Pete Doherty hasn't written yet, but that's all too appropriate for a fictional band whose blokesy Brit arrogance, sweaty bangs and sly homoeroticism seem ripped from the pages of this week's NME. Harry and Luke, Pete and Carl--mike sharing all around! We need more expeditions into the quasi-incestuous terrain where musical partnerships breed and decay. Bands made up of real family members always make a bid for redundancy; what are creative soulmates if not siblings whose private intuitive universe shuts out all intruders, sometimes to the point of self-delusion and implosion?

In Brothers of the Head, Fulton and Pepe literalize this kind of suffocating intimacy by making their struggling rock star subjects actual conjoined twins. The video for "Two Way Romeo" offers a preview of the sideshow-punk swelter they seem to have conjured up...if you can survive lyrics like "Two way Romeo/ giving me a boneo/ bang bang it's alright." Yikes!

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