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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rip it up and read Backlash again

What do you get when you throw together the world's brainiest pop critic, the world's brainiest pop star and some last-ditch subcultural idealism in response to a near decade of dire Thatcherite what-the-fuckery? You get subversive male feminist dialogue in the pages of Melody Maker, that's what. From a country that produced Emmeline Pankhurst, maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

Simon Reynolds: It's still not widely appreciated that men can want to be objects, as much as agents, of desire.

Morrissey: But I think men are seen like that, actually - now. Men are aware of their sexuality in a way they previously weren't, or weren't supposed to be. I think women have become very open about their needs and desires, and this was entirely due to feminism. By women being open about sex, it made life much easier for men. And this is why feminism helps everybody, to be slightly more relaxed about life.

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