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Thursday, November 09, 2006

You hate me, you really hate me!

Thanks this morning to the Washington Post for its stellar headline-writing skills. Other lessons from the election: (straight) Americans really hate gay people right now, but they hate Republicans even more. Personally, I see this as a missed opportunity to ban Republican marriage. Because honestly, if Republicans can get married, it makes my own marriage mean so much less.

In my new home state of Michigan, voters struck down a referendum that would have allowed the seasonal hunting of mourning doves, inclusive of "participation in mourning dove hunting by youth, the elderly and the disabled," ostensibly because nothing lifts spirits and builds communities quite like pumping animals full of lead. And to be fair, it's not like doves are symbols of anything.

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Alicia Kismet Eler said...


I love your blog and I just listed you as one of my "links" on my blog. My blog address is: http://blogittobelieveit.blogspot.com. Right now I have mostly film, art, and book reviews...more commentary to follow.

Hope all is well in Ann Arbor!