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Thursday, May 10, 2007

People don't you know/ don't you know it's about time?

I contributed to this weekend's Mercury. It's the music issue (the biggest in the paper's history, apparently) and the theme is Rock & Jock. I changed Bette Midler to Kylie Minogue at the last second because she felt too last-generation throwback and I just couldn't bring myself to use Christina Aguilera. My Rolodex of fag hag icons is hopelessly dated. Ezra deserves credit for the queer angle, it was all his idea; that it dovetails with my plan to become the Eve K. Sedgwick of pop music crit is only a happy accident.

The best part of writing the thing was having an excuse to listen to "Get Ready For This" approximately seven times. That and falling down an early house wormhole that led me to discover the hotness of Ya Kid K. Wow. I bet a lot of people still don't know she's a woman. Call it the Mo Tucker effect. I doubt "Move This" gets played at sporting events as much as "Pump Up the Jam," but its video is especially excellent when viewed through a queer lens.


stormy_brow said...

I feel so in the know now, since I've had discussions with you about this Mercury article.

I continue to be astounded and proud-to-know-you by your wordsmithing.

mairead said...

DUDE yr trike is muchly coveted.

Congratulations, absolutely.

mairead said...

Disco birthed . . . (!!)

smelly mcsmellsmell said...

i never realized how interesting ya kid k was until this moment. like i knew she was interesting, but, like, she's REALLY INTERESTING, you know?

Lizzie said...

not as interesting as you, beckers.