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Monday, August 20, 2007

Foster child

The best part of the Simpsons movie turned out to be the Jodie Foster poster in the lobby. For serious. What is this? A poster, or an end-of-semester final project for Contemporary Queer Iconographies 102: Cinema and Graphic Design?

I am liking the post-Maverick Jodie Foster. When she's not playing a single mom, she's an astronomer, or a nun, or a jet propulsion engineer named Kyle who is also a single mom. Foster-as-icon is so dykey she sails 'round the horn and hits heterosexual again. Dark alleys! Guns! Convenient vigilante-mama hip sacks! Feminist revenge fantasia, Hollywood-style.


Suyin said...

i'm so looking forward to this film! jodie foster is even more hotter now that 10 years ago! hah!

Lizzie said...

Agreed. Hotel New Hampshire-era is pretty great, though.