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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stealing Pink Flag is not the answer

Yesterday evening, somebody or a gang of somebodies broke into Jon and Mark's new house. Said somebodies shattered a window, came in through a back room and helped themselves to Mark's computer, a stereo, $10 worth of change and Jon's enormous CD collection, artists N - S. Thus, Music to Climb the Apple Tree By was spared, and Myrmidons of Melodrama was not. Some Wire disappeared as well, but only because it was in a stack on top of Jon's shelves, not because it was specially selected by the thieves. Before Jon told me this, I imagined a band of disenfranchised Wire fans roaming south Minneapolis, breaking into people's homes and seizing Situationist recordings in order to redistribute them to the populace. If they'd been doing that, they would probably have remembered to steal Entertainment! as well.


Stephanie said...

have you seen The Edukators? that is an interesting movie! (the comment about raiding ppl's homes & redistributing the stuff reminded me of the movie...my comments aren't always totally random.)

Lizzie said...

I do know of The Edukators, but can't say I've seen it. The general scenario, though, reminds me of Joey Comeau's novel Lockpick Pornography:


mairead said...

Crap I am sorry. That is bad news unfair bears. Is it mixtape time?

Anjanette said...

Fortunately, due to my laziness, Pink Flag itself was spared, as I have been borrowing it from Jon for about a year now (after all of that time, I've still failed to listen to it, but in this case, it was a good thing).

Anonymous said...

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