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Monday, October 29, 2007

Allegories of contamination

Not to put too fine a point on the devolution of this blog into a kind of Fag Hag's Digest, but:

1. Somebody could teach a really killer comp lit class on unsolved queer murder mysteries in Western history. It's a little on the fluffy side, for sure, but you could tether it to, say, Discipline and Punish in order to work the civic retribution and surveillance angles and call it "Unresolvable Deviance: Murder, Conspiracy and Queer Martyrology from Edward II to Pasolini." Spend at least a couple of days each on Christopher Marlowe, Tchaikovsky and Roger Casement. The syllabus writes itself!

2. Black White + Gray came out week before last. Patti Smith is a mensch, and you could zest a lemon on Robert Mapplethorpe's cheekbones.


smelly mcsmellsmell said...

you realize i would so subscribe to fag hag's digest. well, technically, i guess i already do, but we're all just screaming for a print version.

Anjanette said...

Ah Robert, that crumpet of delicious. HE WAS A DELIGHT. I have filled hundreds of bowls with the inspiration that I grated off of those aforementioned cheekbones. How tasty, and the perfect accompaniment to my daily protein granules.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading, Mr. Lagerfeld.

K. said...

It is undoubtedly my pleasure Lizzie, my lovely lady lambchop. YOU ARE A DELIGHT.