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Monday, November 19, 2007

Side street walkers

So Dolly Mixture. Do you know them? Maybe they're your favorite band and you have the Fireside EP framed and hanging above your bed. Maybe you were there, James Murphy-style, at the Marquee in 1982, at the Clarendon Hammersmith in 1984. If you weren't, consider making some space in that file folder of your brain (the one with the Lisa Frank unicorn stickers on it) marked "Favorite Music." I have some live tracks and random rarities via one D. Wolk, but you can listen to many of them here. The live "Everything and More" isn't quite as sigh-into-yr-teacup perfect as the original, but until that magical day when you find The Demonstration Tapes glittering underneath a pile of mite-infested Foreigner eight tracks at the Salvation Army, it may have to do.

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