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Friday, April 25, 2008


Today I am graduating from graduate school. I guess that makes me a meta-graduate or some such awkward species of overgrown student. On Tuesday I am moving back to Minneapolis (at last) to live with Pants and intern at the Walker Art Center. The Walker is now in the middle of hosting the traveling Richard Prince: Spiritual America show--you might recognize Prince from the cover of Sonic Youth's Sonic Nurse album, which uses an image form his Nurses series.

One last AA event before I go: former MOJO editor Iggy Pop book tour stop. Then, vigilant avoidance of women who resemble Anne Bancroft.


M said...

congrats on moving back to Mpls. I'll be visiting there in a few weeks; we should say hi.

mairead said...

Conjigs, darling !!

Todd Colby said...

congrats on your graduation from grad school! I always look forward to reading your posts--thanks for being here.