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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Impress-yr-graduate-TA-style comprehensiveness as only the Noo-Yawka can lasso it. I'm all over the Kurt Weil and the Flanders & Swann and the "In My Life" harpsichord solo. But dude--modern urban environments, "often so chaotic, soulless, or ugly"...retreating to yr "comfy chair" to listen to Beethoven and Billie Holiday and avoid "rock clubs...full of kids who make us feel ancient"--if you hold that there target age/class demographic any closer, as Groucho Marx would say, it'll be in back of ya.

Din-din tonight was had in a large castle on the banks of Lake Erie. Inside the castle is a Mexican restaurant. Inside the restaurant are love + ecstasy + six kinds of cheese sauce. Oh El Castillo Grande, with yr chip refills, $5.99 entrees, vegetarian options A-F, waterless moat and stolid clientele--I want to marry and grow old with you.

XKatieX packed up her 7 inches and her parasol tonight and drove off into the sunset. She left behind roller skates, a dust buster, and one very sad pogo princess. She also asked me to be her pen pal and I am hella thrilled to oblige. KBomb, I'm gonna miss you, love.

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