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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I am not a rock promoter

The phone rang today while I was cleaning up the studio after my radio show. I remembered to say, "WOBC" and was greeted with,

"Hello, this is the Beachland Ballroom. How are you?"

Because I don't do much telephone-answering of this kind, this was a really, really surreal thing to hear--sort of like, "Hi, this is Mount Rushmore, what's up?" Or, "This is universal healthcare, how's it hanging?" It was even weirder b/c I love the Beachland so much. The lady didn't want anything that complicated, she was just confirming contact info or something, but I totally freaked out, forgot all but a handful of nouns & verbs and had to run off to get the station manager. I guess I'm really not cut out for music promotion. Cary IMed while I was DJing, though, and we had a nice talk. I am going to send her a postcard while she is still over yonder in Berkeley-town.

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