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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Weaponry Listens to Rip-offs

I liked Art Brut a lot more when they were called Huggy Bear. Compare, contrast, imagine them artificially birthed, Sex Pistols-style, in a top secret A&R meeting circa March 2005, with a couple of 2nd gen. Malcolm McLarens as midwives:

McLaren #1: So who're we going to steal a sound from, then? I'm thinking somebody early 90s, cheeky, sexy, simply dripping with credibility.

McLaren #2: How about Pulp?

M1: No no no, too posh...think cruder.

M2: Bis?

M1: Too obscure.

M2: Heavenly?

M1: Too twee.

M2: Huggy Bear?

M1: Yes! Brilliant! That's exactly it! Only we'll have to siphon out all of the politics and feminism and queer business, kids don't go in for that sort of thing nowadays. And stuff up the empty bits with some musical trend to make it more now, d'you know what I'm saying?

M2: Sprechstimme is going to be terribly hot this year. Look at Bloc Party and the new Hold Steady promos. We could have the lead singer prattle and yell declaratively quite a bit--I'm thinking, "I'VE SEEN HER NAKED," I'm thinking, "THIS IS NOT IRONY."

M1: I love it, I love it. And maybe do some confusing meta-satire about the art world, like those Franz Ferdinand lads.

M2: Why not name the whole group something arty? Like...Bauhaus? Oh wait, that's taken...er, how about Dada? Fauvism? Rococo? Art Brut?

M1: Art Brut, yes, that's perfect! Nigel, I'm giving us both a raise.

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