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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Pogo Princess Girl Band Quiz 'N Contest

Test yr music smarts. If you get 7 of 7 correct answers w/o cheating, e-mail Pogo headquarters (dancingvioletsnail@yahoo.com) with yr address and you will receive a prize.

1. Which of the following is not an actual girl band?
A) Bella and the Bottomfeeders
B) Goldie and the Gingerbreads
C) Doris and the Dee-Lighters
D) Martha and the Muffins

2. "It's garage pop in clean overalls...And like Debbie Harry, Nikki is no slouch in the looks department -- ooooh, that pout! "

The previous quotation, from a review of Nikki & the Corvettes' self-titled album, was written
A) in 1979
B) in 2000
C) by Greil Marcus
D) by an alcoholic donkey

3. Tracy + the Plastics is
A) The world's leading manufacturer of disposable silverware
B) Three women
C) One woman
D) Two women, a man and three robots

4. In a 1999 interview with Rolling Stone, David Bowie described 70s super girl-group Fanny as
A) "about as talented as my cat's bum"
B) "one of the finest fucking rock bands of their time"
C) "tremendously indebted to Space Oddity"
D) "a bit better than the Spice Girls"

5. Laura Molina was the lead singer for
A) Tiger Lily
B) Tiger Trap
C) Tigerella
D) "Tiger" brand stain remover commercials

6. Influential punk phenoms Kleenex (later LiliPUT) were also
A) Swiss
B) amateur mimes
C) actually men
D) the Mo-dettes' secret side project

7. What was Cibo Matto's first full-length record called, and what were all of its songs about?
A) Ladies, Women & Girls; skateboarding
B) Odyshape; origami
C) Stereotype A; pets
D) Viva! La Woman; food

1-3 correct answers
You looked in She's A Rebel.

4-6 correct answers
You are Gillian Gaar.

7 correct answers
You are Gillian Gaar's mom.

ANSWERS: 1) C; 2) B; 3) C; 4) B; 5) A; 6) A; 7) D


Anonymous said...

I only got two right. Can I take this credit/no entry?

-Anon speaks

Lizzie said...

Hey Anon, you've been missed. Come to my office hours and we can discuss C/NE further. Also--I ate the rest of yr corn pasta and it was very tasty.

Laura Molina said...

I guess people do remember my 80's band!

More trivia-
Lillix changed their name because of us. (they were once called "tigerlily")
See their entry on "List of All Women Bands" list on Wikipedia