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Monday, February 20, 2006

Take the money/ leave the box/ everybody's on Top of the Pops

YouTube's reign of terror is merciless. I can't go anywhere without brainstorming bands to search for when I get home. Two nights ago I actually sat up in bed and gasped, "SUZI QUATRO!" The live performance trough appears to be bottomless, even after you've sifted out the 75,000 clips that are Mariah Carey and porn. A good bet is to search for Old Grey Whistle Test and Top of the Pops, but be warned--you may be forcibly dragged from yr compy months later, deranged & dehydrated, screaming, "NOOO! I HAVEN'T CHECKED TO SEE IF THEY'VE GOT X-RAY SPEX YET!"

Some of my favorites:

The Adverts -- Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Gaye Advert's black nail polished bass wizardry blinds the eyes and burns the heart.

Human League -- Sound of the Crowd
The fog! The hair! The single stabbing finger keyboard-playing! A tranny disco fever dream for the ages. Words cannot express how beautiful this is. Get in line now/ get in line now!

The Kinks -- Autumn Almanac
Toasted, buttered currant buns; my poor rheumatic back; yes, yes, yes, it's my autumn almanac! Ray Davies lifts suit jacket, wiggles bum; Dave grins like he's just drunk a quart of Skittles. You'll get six cavities while watching.

Queen -- Killer Queen
Whatevs, whatevs, Freddie's the shit, even lipsynching. Fastidious and precise...if you're that way inclined.

The Rezillos -- Flying Saucer Attack
Four-way tie between this, "Destination Venus," the deathly meta "Top of the Pops" (performed on show of same name, natch) and the coked-out art school wankery of "(My Baby Does) Good Sculptures." Boy-girl vocal caramel a la John & Exene, plus guitarist nailing the perfect pogo. Karen O has obvs. seen the tapes.

Altered Images -- A Day's Wait, Insects
In heaven, all kindergarten classes are taught by Claire Grogan. And everyone dances just like her, too.

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