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Monday, April 10, 2006

You're so audio/ don't remove me/ to a movie

Dear Nina Gordon and Louise Post,

When you wrote the song "Victrola" for American Thighs, did you realize that it was the perfect soundtrack for watching a wasp fly around the back of a crowded Minneapolis bus? Because it is. The wasp hung out on the pane of window next to my head for a while, then panicked and started suicidally dive-bombing the girls behind me. Some guy yelled, "Wasp! Wasp! There's a wasp on the bus!" and everybody started yelling and running around while you keened "I am grooving, Victrola" in my ears and yr guitars kicked in loud and deep and fuzzy with that unmistakeable 1994 Chicago squall that you and the Pumpkins used to do so well. It was beautiful. Thanks for making that record in the first place, and for those essays you had in Grrrls--those were awesome, especially the one where Nina talked about identifying as a feminist and having a big nose. I will never say that you ripped off the Pixies or that getting Bob Rock to produce Eight Arms was a bad idea. You can ride on the bus with me any time.

Still can't fight the seether,
Lizzie Pogo

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