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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Elephants go oral

Someone would be like, "I scored a Farfisa at the J&J Thrift Center for $40!" So it would be like, "Of Montreal wants a Farfisa on this song. Call Laura." Will Hart scored a guitar organ, so of course there's a little wave where everyone's album has a guitar organ on it. And then I got the zanzithaphone. It's really a Casio digital horn, but I was not about to have my credit on the Neutral Milk album be for Casio digital horn, so I called it the zanzithaphone. It was very much about who found what instrument when, and how long before that instrument broke.

An oral history of Elephant 6.

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mairead said...

dear lizzie ehrenhalt.

please be a library scientist, so if i am a lost twelve-year-old, i can come to you and you can say o! here is this rad thing i just happened to find on elephant 6! and poof, my life will be saved.

please do this.
thank you.