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Sunday, February 18, 2007

I don't want to claim that I'm special. But I'm a bit special.

I need someone to help me parse the Robbie Williams "She's Madonna" video. I've been throwing theories at it and nothing's sticking. Is it slagging off Guy Ritchie? Is it a meta-parodic in-joke? Aren't R-Wills and Madge friends? And is this just him being a big queer tease again?

[Addendum added 2/19: K-Punk's already on it]

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Anonymous said...

"She's Madonna" was inspired by a conversation Robbie Williams had with Guy Ritchie's ex-girlfriend Tania Strecker, about the way Ritchie left her for Madonna. Strecker quoted Ritchie as saying, "Look, you know I really love you, but she's Madonna." According to the BBC's Top of the Pops website, Williams had played the song to Madonna shortly after writing it, receiving a positive reaction. According to the UK tabloid newspaper The Sun, Williams wanted Madonna to star alongside him in the video, but Guy Ritchie, her husband at the time (they divorced in November 2008), objected, having realised that the song with its chorus

"I love you, baby, but face it, she's Madonna
No man on earth could say that he don't want her"

was based on the line he used to leave Strecker for Madonna.

Williams himself has commented:

In case anyone asks... There is nothing tongue in cheek about this song at all, I have always fancied Madonna