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Monday, February 12, 2007

Kaltes klares Rainer

HA! I knew that Emily Haines' "Doctor Blind" video looked familiar. Cf. this scene from Liebe Ist Kälter Als Der Tod:

There is a lot of Fassbinder on YouTube, though not as much as one would hope--a month or so ago I watched Deutschland Im Herbst but it's been taken down since then. Who knows, maybe it was never there and I dreamed it. It seems like the kind of dream I would have. No context, just angsty Fassbinder arguing with his mother about democracy intercut with even angstier Fassbinder slumping around his dank and unlit apartment, screaming at his boyfriend to make coffee. Constant screaming, in fact. Casual full frontal nudity and cocaine pick-me-ups. I do remember subtitles--can one dream subtitles?

Part of Querelle is still up. I have not seen the whole film but I am liking the aesthetic--very Todd Haynes/West Side Story/Pet Shop Boys video fantasia. Way more Italian than German, surely. Those are so cast-offs from the set of Satyricon it is not even funny. I'd have a go at parsing ye olde mise en scene but a particularly smart commenter has already nailed it: To truly understand this film one must have an appreciation for Fassbinder and also an understanding of Jean Genet. The movie is fucking amazing and is meant to be diffused, disjointed, jaundiced and lurid. Jaundiced and lurid! Yes! If there are two more precise adjectives for that 3 minutes 41 seconds I don't know them. Jaundiced in the sense of envious, spiteful and prejudicial but also quite literally manifest in the sickly yellow set and lighting design.

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