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Monday, July 09, 2007

The heart is a lonely punter


You are living in a good time and place when you can ride a bus downtown after work and see PATTI SMITH spelled out on yr local theater marquee. And not be hallucinating. The State has her sandwiched between KINGS OF COMEDY and DREAM THEATER. A week and a half later the Orpheum is doing Macy's Glamorama 2007 across the street. If the Hennepin theater district web site has one person writing all of its events promo copy, then the selfsame person wrote "touchstone for the feminist movement" and "sensational style showdown." This is why we learn about personal-political multiplicity, kittens.

45:33 is really great until you remember it was commissioned by Nike, and that the record art has a swoosh on it. Maybe music shouldn't be less enjoyable when midwived by a multi-billion dollar sportswear supply corporation. But somehow it is.

Mark Simpson has noticed the weird "Mozza outed himiself" reference in Out magazine and offers a rebuttal, as well as that revealing complete still from "Flesh."

Repeated listening to the Nina Hagen version of "Ziggy Stardust" ruins the original. Meaning that the original never sounds quite as good afterwards. Which maybe isn't so bad after all?

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