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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The music didn't die, it got eclipsed

Because my life exploded lately, I had been planning on writing about the Linder show, the record Douglas gave me, the test scripts I wrote for Performance Today, and my interview with Melora Creager. But then yesterday my life exploded even more, because while Pants was waiting for her bus after work, a stranger asked her for money, and when she refused, he punched her in the face. She was ambulanced to the emergency room and got four stitches. She was very brave. But then, that is the Pants way. We are at home today trying to make sense of all of this, especially the randomness of the assault. Why her? Why yesterday? I keep thinking about Ionesco and Beckett and Camus. Absurdism is somehow a lot less easy to like when it invades your life.


D. said...

oh darlin, hugs to pants and to you. :( terrible.


mairead said...

Beckett was stabbed by a pimp named Prudence (or so I've heard), and he went on to make great things and Know Love. I expect no less for Pants. Meanwhiles, I send spirit fingers.

Philip. said...

Why do people do these things?

They are scum and should all be locked up for a very long time!