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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Pop calculus


1. Mekons' "Never Been in a Riot" = Cold Cold Hearts' "5 Signs: Scorpio"

2. The Clash's "Clash City Rockers" - Strummerly urgency = the Who's "I Can't Explain"

3. (T. Rex's "Metal Guru" - glitter) x (children's chorus + genius) = the Smiths' "Panic" (this is by no means breaking news, but listen, it's stunning)

4. DIY bedroom electro x (Them's "Gloria" - casual phallocracy) = Julie Ruin's "V.G.I." = embryonic Le Tigre

5. Spinal Tap's "Gimme Some Money" + determined tambourine wankage + severe page boy haircuts + matching mariachi outfits = The Lords' "Don't Mince Matter" = HOW CAN THIS BE REAL?


hason said...


re:my photos, email me, I may have another print of the one/s you want
...the glory of photography compared with painting.

Anjanette said...

I know a Certain Someone who should not be exposed to the Don't Mince Matter video, for it would result in a serious case of heel envy. Look at those shoes! Carl Barat wishes.

Also this is more Gimme Some Money than Gimme Some Money is, but the Tap still win because I have a soft spot for Stumpy Pepys.