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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tell me we're not better off

I went to the MSP last weekend and bought/inherited some records. Pairing Pussy Whipped and Bona Drag was revelatory and satisfying and suddenly obvious--like eating bananas and chocolate together for the first time. You can decide which one is the banana.

~OMD, Architecture and Morality
~Malaria! compilation, 1981-1984
~The A-Lines, You Can Touch
~Bikini Kill, Pussy Whipped
~Morrissey, Bona Drag
~Tender Trap, Film Molecules
~Mutant Pop compilation [PVC]
~Today's Top Girl Groups Vol. 1 [Spinout]
~The Mo-dettes, The Story So Far
~Patti Smith, Radio Ethiopia
~Les Rita Mitsouko, "C'est Comme Ca" b/w "Stupid Anyway"
~XTC, "Life Begins at the Hop" b/w "Homo Safari"


Anjanette said...

Oh, but you forgot Melody Dog.

Lizzie said...

Oh my god, you're right. Because we both loved them so much.

Actually, the crazy thing about Melody Dog is that I think they were connected to the Pastels, who weren't bad at all, who were also influenced by Orange Juice. So I seem to have fallen down a Scottish jangle-pop wormhole recently.

I am now thinking about Tuno noodle casserole only 10 hours per day, down from yesterday's 24.

Anjanette said...

That's progress. Or is it?

mairead said...

can radio ethiopia be the peanut butter?
or the crunchies?

Anonymous said...

It could be almond butter, I think. Rarer. I would like to eat that--banana cream pie with almond butter and chocolate layers. I am brainstorming food band names now. Cookies. Cranberries. Bread. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Martha and the Muffins. AAAH I'm hungry.