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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The plan is to go to DC to hang out/ go see girls/ rock

Happy International Women's Day! The Pogo beat being what it is, I'm observing said day by posting clips of rock-inclined women doing what they do best, where they do it best--tearing up axes and kits and Casios, live. They are/were real and fearless and grade A inspiration. They are not meant to represent all kinds of ladies and musics, just what's in my head today.

Also, in time for IWD the Gossip announced they're signing to Sony's up-and-coming gay ghetto project--oops, I mean exploitation niche...ah, that is, LABEL--Music With a Twist. Because that's what queerness is, a twist. Like a glass of Pepsi with a lemon wedge in it, or BBQ Doritos. Wilderness Media & Entertainment president Matt Farber said of the label back in January, "It's a home that says to artists, 'We not only are OK with who you are, but we embrace that as part of your identity.'" To which I respond, thanks, Matt! Your embrace is so essential to my happiness and self-worth. If you didn't approve I just don't know what I'd do!

[Addendum posted 3/10: as noted by Bexx, the Gossip originally announced their move to MWaT in November '06.]



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