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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Suffer for fashion

Pants filed the following fashion report from the Mpls of Montreal show at First Ave., 3/16/07:

[Kevin Barnes] had two outfit changes during the show. I've never been to a show where someone takes time out to change clothes. His second outfit was a pair of purple tie-dyed hot pants, thigh-high fishnet stockings, slouchy blue boots, a green long-sleeved shirt with a large white collar, and a gold necklace with a large peace-sign hanging from it. That was my favorite one. He wasn't how I thought he would be. I always imagined him as being rather chubby and pasty, and balding, but he is very skinny, and not balding, and very dramatic, even campy. He's 'cool' looking, not geeky. His first outfit was a pair of really tight orange bell bottoms, a very tight t-shirt with a large picture of a lion on it, a red glitter cummerbund, and a loose cream colored buttoned shirt that he took off early on, to reveal the lion t-shirt. The second keyboardist/drummer also had an outfit change, but his wasn't as exciting. He started out wearing a brown sash over his camel colored blazer, which made me think that no one wears sashes anymore. Tis a pity. Maybe he'll single-handedly bring them back, in the way that Beth Ditto is bringing back spandex body suits.


Anjanette said...

I'm glad you bothered to find out what his name was. He seems like a Kevin.

mairead said...

Pants has the hottest trike in town.

Bruno said...

sorry to post this in comments, but i couldn't find a contact email...

i've a new remix single - bizzy bone vs. six finger satellite
plus nas vs. funkstorung on the b-side


hope you dig it

Sasha Frere-Jones of "The New Yorker" featured these is his blog:


"Your Standard Life" said:

"features the word motherfucker a lot."