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Monday, March 26, 2007

Paolo on point

Sometimes comments are worth pulling up out of the offal so they don't get buried and missed. Paolo Cruz wrote in re: MCR:

What's both problematic and fascinating (in a train wreck kind of way) about My Chemical Romance's schtick is how they appropriate so many things stereo-typically asscoiated with gay/queer-oriented pop culture -- the operatics, the glam make-up, heck they've even got a cameo from drag queen icon Liza Minelli on "Mama". And yet somehow, their cult of personality allows them to repackage and market these elements in a way that's palpable [ed.: palatable?] and non-threatening for vaguely disaffected suburban guys, by subsuming them into the generalized mopiness of emo sensibilities.

They *could* have been potentially subversive, and queered the boundaries of gendered performance within the rock mainstream (well, aesthetically, at least). But instead, they may end up being remembered as the 00's equivalent of Marilyn Manson, in terms of cultural relevance.

I had no idea about "Mama" and the Liza. Did Barbra Streisand secretly do backup for "I Don't Love You" as well?

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PAOLO CRUZ said...


You're totally right -- I meant "palatable" when I wrote "palpable". I *really* ought to proof-read my comments, before I hit the 'Publish' button.