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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now Like Cenotaphs

Pants has gotten me into an all-instrumental show on Radio K called Now Like Photographs. If you like Minus the Bear and Trans Am, you will like this show. It's a lot of quiet post-rock but they also do drone and ambient. Their tag is "epic instrumental music," and as far as I can tell the rule is no vocals with lyrics, but wordless singing gets a pass. So Sigur Rós is sometimes okay. Pants's favorite NLP band and mine is Explosions in the Sky. They just started a huge tour that begins tonight at the Langerado Music Festival with Cat Power and Stephen Malkmus in Sunrise, Florida--not a bad town to begin a cross-country jog in, I'm thinkin'--so now when they come to yr town you will know to go see them and be moved and awed.


Anjanette said...

Good old post-rock.

Todd Colby said...

Such a terrific group. Their show in NYC is sold put. Damn.

In the same vein: Windy and Carl, Stars of the Lid, and Landing. They all snuggle nicely together.

chris said...

the music director at our station e-mailed me a link to your blog (how he found your blog i have no clue)...thanks for mentioning us!

-chris of nowlikephotos

Joe from Now Like Photographs said...

Not sure if you saw this already but NPR posted the live session with Explosions - http://www.npr.org/programs/asc/ You can download the whole 1-hour session.

Anjanette said...

Sweet! I hadn't known that, thanks for the tip, Joe.