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Friday, June 03, 2005

Inter-office politics

Coming in to the li-bary this morning I ran into the girl with the mohawk who works down the hall in AV. She was headed toward the bathroom and so was I. But when I got into the little vestibule area she was coming right back out again, and she was crying and clearly not in a friends-making mood. She must've heard me coming and decided to find somewhere else to sniffle with dignity by her lonesome. I know b/c I've done this myself. Now I'm worried about her, since getting yr crying jag on at 9:15 in the am is not a sign of the best emotional health/life sitch. I think I'ma keep up my determined campaign of shy smiles, hi's, and door openings.

Other current at-work distractions include the mysterious lady with bleached-blonde pigtails who keeps coming in afternoons and the thing under my desk that looks way too much like a harness. Y'know, like, not the kind for horses. It's all shiny black PVC and silver buckles and totally wasn't there two weeks ago. I am not the sole proprietress of my office so who knows. I'd be less suspishy if I didn't know there was an entire collection of BDSM erotica 'round the corner in the vault complete w/vintage costumes and, presumably, accessories. And this, my friends, is why we works in a li-bary.

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Courtney said...


I work in a genealogy library. We have lots of elderly racist Texans, and next to zero sexiness.