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Friday, June 24, 2005

Notes from UndergrounDC, Part II

Kristina kindly allowed me to tag along w/ her to the Del Cielo & friends show (Day 1 of Exotic Fever Fest!) at the Warehouse Next Door. DC punk kids are, truly, some of the world's finest, and hospitably welcomed me into the fold. K set up her traveling distro cattycorner to the Del Cielo merch table and proferred copies of her zine masterpiece, Rebel Stew, along w/ various & sundry anarcha-feminist books & resources. Soon-to-be-birthday-girl Katy Otto ran around chatting and smiling and generally spreading good cheer. Now I am back home, wired, shamedly watching Boyskout videos. "Girl on Girl" is my jam of the week and the vox most definitely do not remind me of anything. No.

P.S. Mass Movement of the Moth: I am sorry I did not get to see yr set. You are awesome. Thank you for letting me hang out w/ you and admiring my burrito-eating skills.

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